This exquisite candle is crafted to transport you to a bygone era, where warmth and nostalgia fill the air.

Inhale the sweet whispers of vanilla and the invigorating essence of peppermint as they blend together in perfect harmony. With each flicker of the candle's gentle flame, you'll be transported to a winter wonderland, where memories of snow-covered streets and cozy gatherings come to life.

As you light it in your home, close your eyes and let the enchanting scent carry you away to the heartwarming festivities of holidays long past. It's not just a candle; it's a piece of history, a timeless indulgence, and a fragrance that evokes the true spirit of vintage festive celebrations.


Hand crafted in Merrickville in small batches

- premium soy wax blend / cotton wick
- 1oz / 95 hour burn time

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