Conjured with essence from the depths of twilight kissed lemon groves, where whispers of ancient spells linger amidst the citrus-scented breeze. Neroli, the essence of enchantment, dances with exotic jasmine, weaving threads of mystique into the elixir.  Lavender, the herb of secrets, beckons from the shadows, while plumeria petals, gathered under the moon's gaze infuse their essence of magic completing the irresistibly soft and romantic spirit of summer sorcery.


 1/3 oz / handcrafted in historic Merrickville with our magical blend of essential oils, vegan carrier oils,  & absolutes

Your ritual unveiled, to harness the full power of your chosen perfume, follow these sacred steps:

Anoint the inner wrist: Gently spray your chosen elixir onto your inner wrist. This is where your personal magic is concentrated, and it's the perfect place to begin your enchantment.

Behind the Ear Lobes: Continue your ritual by applying the potion behind your ear lobes. This area is associated with secrets and whispers, making it the perfect canvas for your unique fragrance.

Base of the throat: Complete your transformation by spraying a hint of your potion at the base of your throat. This is where your voice, your incantations, and your desires converge, making it the ultimate focal point of your enchantment.

✨ Allow Absorption: As the artfully blended scents meld with your skin, take a moment to breathe deeply. Inhale the magic and let it become a part of you, radiating your intentions and desires to the universe.

The Alchemy of Scent: Remember, the true magic lies within you, and these fragrant potions are but tools to help you unlock your inner enchantress. Embrace your unique power, and let your scent be the invisible cloak that carries your desires into the world.


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