Our Story


Tucked away in their mystical boutique in Merrickville, the sisters of Wick Witch can be found creating their latest candle and bath concoctions.

What started out as selling their wares on the front porch of their historic Merrickville home, soon went to local farmers markets and being stocked in local shops.  The production eventually became too much for their tiny kitchen and the brick and mortar Wick Witch studio & boutique was founded and continues to blossom.  

Wick Witch candles can now be found in fine specality boutiques from Halifax to Victoria.

The Witches are  proud to produce candles  and body products that stand for an environmentally positive alternative and that promote conscious Canadian consumerism. 

Casting a Spell on your Sense of Smell since 2008


Located at 108 St. Lawrence Street, Merrickville, Ontario, Canada, K0G 1N0