Our Story

Nestled within the enchanting embrace of Merrickville, the elusive sisters of Wick Witch weave their mystical spells in a clandestine boutique. Here, in the heart of their magical haven, they brew and concoct their latest elixirs of candles and bath potions.

At the beginning of our arcane journey, we peddled our enchantments from the timeworn porch of our historic Merrickville dwelling. Yet, the whispers of their craft could not be confined to mere homely quarters. Their allure soon graced local farmers' markets and found a coveted place within the shelves of neighbouring mystical emporiums. The burgeoning demand for our alchemical creations outgrew the confines of our petite home kitchen, bringing forth the majestic brick and mortar sanctuary known as the Wick Witch Apothecary—a sanctum that continues to bloom with enchantment.

Within the walls of this sacred space, we take pride in handcrafting candles and bath elixirs that transcend the ordinary. Our creations stand as guardians of an environmentally benevolent alternative.

Since the mystical dawn of 2008, our alchemical pursuits have been a symphony of scent, weaving indulgent olfactory spells. With elixirs crafted to empower, our devoted mission is to ensure that those who wield our potions become enchanting sorcerers, bewitching all with the irresistible magic of their aromatic allure.