Whether you're warding off unwanted energies and mosquitoes or seeking a moment of peaceful reflection, our candles are crafted to illuminate your path.

Fuck Off Mosquitoes: As the moonlight dances across your garden, let our Citronella Candle be your sentinel. Infused with the essence of lavender and citronella, this candle not only repels the mundane pests of the night but also serves as a guardian against negative energies. Light it during your twilight rituals to create a protective barrier, ensuring your sacred space remains undisturbed.

Prayer Candles: In the stillness of your meditative moments, these darlings are your steadfast companion. Each candle is imbued with sacred oils and blessed with intentions of peace and clarity. As you light the wick, allow its gentle glow to guide your prayers and affirmations to the cosmos, weaving your desires into the fabric of the universe. Whether seeking solace, wisdom, or guidance, this candle amplifies the power of your spiritual practice.

May these special edition candles inspire your inner witch and bring a touch of enchantment to your everyday rituals. Embrace the magic, and let the flames guide you to new realms of wonder and tranquility.