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Invite light and wisdom in your sacred space, and let the essence of Bergamot, Lemon, Pomelo, Sage, and Orange unite to create an aura of enchantment and renewal. Let the witching hour begin, as you embrace the magic of Sage & Citrus.


handcrafted in Merrickville 
- premium soy wax blend 
- 6 cubes / pack

The mystical essence of ambiance of our wax melts, a bewitching and flameless alternative ritual to infuse your sacred space with our enchanting aromas. Let the fragrant whispers dance through the air, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that conjures an olfactory symphony, transforming your home into a sanctuary of subtle sorcery.

With great products come great responsibility, please remember to heed the specific instructions provided with your wax warmer and wax melts as you embark on your olfactory journey.

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