Introducing our mystical duo, a bewitching pair that dances between the realms of light and shadow—the Good Witch and Bad Witch prayer candle set. Enchant your sacred space with the flickering flames that embody the duality of magic.

Ignite the Good Witch candle, and let your intentions of positivity, healing, and benevolent enchantments take flight. May the gentle whispers of goodness weave through the air, creating a protective cocoon of warmth and light.

The Bad Witch candle beckons with its mysterious charm, draped in dark, enigmatic tones that mirror the midnight sky. Unleash the power within as you kindle this wicked flame, channeling your inner strength, embracing the shadows, and allowing the currents of transformative energy to surge through. May the veil between worlds thin, revealing the untamed magic that lies beneath the surface.

Together, these prayer candles form a symphony of mystical energy, inviting both benevolence and mischief into your sacred space. Illuminate your intentions, dance with the elements, and let the magic of the Good Witch and Bad Witch prayer candle set guide you through the mystical journey of light and shadow. Blessed be.

hand crafted in Merrickville / poured in small batches

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