Enchant your skin and bewitch your senses with our mystical Face & Body Coffee Scrub. Immerse yourself in the intoxicating aromas of rich ground coffee, accompanied by the spellbinding essences of vanilla, coconut, and cocoa. Let the magic of this luxurious scrub awaken your face in the morning or cleanse away the day's energies in the enchanting evening ritual.

BODY: Enchant your ritual by pouring a small elixir into your palm, letting the magic awaken as you gently exfoliate each section of your body. Feel the mystical grains dance upon your skin, then rinse away the enchantment, leaving your skin bewitched and pat dry to seal the spell.

FACE: In the sacred space of your visage, wet your face and pour a small potion into your hand. With a gentle touch, invoke the ancient secrets of exfoliation, avoiding the windows to your soul and the gateway to your words. Rinse away the mystical residue and pat dry, unveiling the radiant magic beneath the surface.

8OZ V / GF
INGREDIENTS: single-origin farm Guatemalan coffee, coconut milk powder, sodium bicarbonate, jojoba seed oil, organic cane sugar, cacao powder, alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E oil), vanilla planifolia fruit (vanilla oil), papaver somnierum (poppy seeds)

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