This bewitching concoction possesses a magically repellent power that sends mosquitoes fleeing into the night. If the alluring scent of citronella and lavender doesn't deter those pesky devils, the potent language surrounding it surely will. Embrace the spellbinding brew, where the aroma and words converge to create an otherworldly experience that banishes bugs and leaves you surrounded by an aura of mystical protection.

hand crafted in Merrickville in small batches
- premium soy wax  / cotton wick
- 13oz. / 95 hour burn time

HEED THESE WARNINGS: radiant beams of the sun hold the potential to dispel the arcane energies contained within. Let not this sacred vessel bask in the direct sunlight, nor succumb to the scorching grasp of extreme heat. Shield this bewitched beacon from the tears of the heavens, and shun it from the aqueous abyss. For the essence within shall yield to the whims of rain.

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