Enchant your skin with the mystic touch of our mineral-rich Himalayan Scrub, a bewitching potion that banishes dullness. Unveil the magic within as your skin emerges fresher, reborn, and aglow with newfound radiance.

Drenched in an ultra-moisturizing oil infusion, this elixir caresses your skin like a velvety spell, leaving it irresistibly smooth. The air around you will be kissed with the alluring scent of Sicilian Lemon, a fragrance that whispers ancient secrets and carries the essence of ethereal realms. Let the enchantment begin, and embrace the transformative journey to skin that is not just revitalized but imbued with the enchanting touch of the mystical.

To use: embrace the mystical ritual of self-care with our enchanting body scrub. Channel your inner sorceress as you scoop a potion-like amount onto your palm, and with gentle incantations, exfoliate each section of your sacred vessel. After the bewitching exfoliation, should you find yourself in the sacred cauldron of the tub, swirl and let the elixir dissolve into the mystical waters.

Now, surrender to the enchantment that surrounds you. Let the aromatic spell of the scrub weave its magic as you relax, soak, and unwind, allowing the potent blend to caress your skin and spirit. Feel the energies of rejuvenation and renewal envelop you like a cloak of ethereal mist.

When the time is nigh, rinse away the remnants of the spell, and with a soft touch, pat dry. As you emerge from this bewitched bathing experience, may you carry the enchantment with you, leaving a trail of mystic energies in your wake.

 8oz V / GF

INGREDENTS: himalayan salt, sodium bicarbonate, dead sea salt,
Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry) Seeds,
Simmondsia chinensis 9jojoba) seed oil, Citrus limonum (lemon) essential oil


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