Feel the ancient whispers of sandalwood, its woody tendrils reaching out to embrace your senses, grounding you in the mystic energies of the earth. Let the intoxicating fragrance of lily, a bloom of moonlit elegance, caress your spirit, inviting the mysteries of the night to unfold. But it is the sacred myrrh that casts the spell, an aromatic invocation that transcends time. Its resinous essence, reminiscent of ancient rituals and secret ceremonies, swirls around you like a cloak of magic, inviting you to become one with the mystical forces that linger in the air.


Hand poured in Merrickville
- premium soy wax  / cotton wick
- 12 tea lights per box / 5-7 hour burn time

Illuminate your sacred space with these witchy wonders, where the alchemy of scent and fire converge to conjure an atmosphere of enchantment and magic.

With great magic comes responsibility. Heed the ancient wisdom inscribed on the bottom of the packaging; follow the safety and burning instructions.

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