Invoking the ancient powers of herbs and blooms, inhale deeply and be embraced by the soothing whispers of lavender, weaving through the air like tendrils of moonlight. Let the sacred sage cleanse your spirit, purging away the mundane and inviting in the mystical. Feel the earthy allure of rosemary entwine with your senses, grounding you in the ancient rites of old.


Our bewitching bath bombs are more than mere fizzing delights; they are the catalysts of a journey within, a communion with your innermost being. Let the soothing touch of the enchanted waters nourish your skin, releasing the captivating aromas that whisper tales of ancient rituals and forgotten spells. Allow the magic to seep into your very soul, as the bath becomes a portal to serenity and self-love.

 6.5oz V / GF

sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, helianthus annnus (sunflower) seed oil, aqua, natural scent blend

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