A potent symbol resonating with the enchanting energy of the cosmos. This celestial card unveils the radiant dance of the universe, casting its ethereal light upon the embers of your inner fire. A beacon of cosmic wisdom, it unveils the secrets of creative channeling, guiding you to weave your desires into the fabric of reality.

Feel the surge of renewed hope coursing through your veins, as if the universe itself has whispered secrets into your soul. A tapestry of faith unfolds, intertwining your destiny with the cosmic threads that weave the fabric of existence. You stand bathed in the celestial glow, a chosen vessel for the blessings bestowed by the mystical forces that shape the cosmos.

Embrace this sacred moment, for The Star heralds a time of profound connection with the divine. Your spirit is cradled in the arms of the universe, and the cosmic energies conspire to illuminate your path. Trust in the magic of this celestial blessing, and let it guide you towards the realization that you are, indeed, a blessed soul, intricately woven into the grand tapestry of the cosmos.


Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Uranis

handcrafted in Merrickville
- premium soy wax  / cotton wick / V & GF
- 13oz / 100 hour burn time

With great magic comes responsibility. Heed the ancient wisdom inscribed on the bottom of the candle; follow the safety and burning instructions

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