NEVERMORE tealights


Where shadows and spells intertwine in a delicate ballet, whispers of ancient magic permeate the air, leaving behind an ethereal trail. Allow the bewitching union of clove and eucalyptus to waltz upon your senses, an aromatic spell that dances with the spirits of the night. Amidst the sacred grove, let the notes of pine, reship, and hawthorn unfurl like ancient scrolls, revealing the cryptic secrets of a hidden realm. As the witching hour approaches, surrender to the haunting symphony of scents that beckons from beyond the veil. Let this elixir transport you to a realm where the boundary between reality and enchantment blurs, and the spirits of the forest whisper secrets only the bravest souls dare to unveil.


Hand poured in Merrickville
- premium soy wax  / cotton wick
- 6 tea lights per box / 5-7 hour burn time

Illuminate your sacred space with these witchy wonders, where the alchemy of scent and fire converge to conjure an atmosphere of enchantment and magic.

With great magic comes responsibility. Heed the ancient wisdom inscribed on the bottom of the packaging; follow the safety and burning instructions.

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